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Problem Gambling in Canada

Gambling is the staking of money or any valuable item on an event with an uncertain outcome. The gambler bets with the intention to win. In most countries, gambling is a source of entertainment to a lot of people. Little wonder why the rise in problem gambling is on a high. 

The gambling industry in Canada is huge and rakes in a lot of money. The fact is that the Canadian government has $2.73 billion as a result of lotteries, casinos and non-casino slots in 1992. This figure has since skyrocketed. 

Gambling can either be legal or illegal based on the laws and systems of the land. There are diverse forms of gambling in Canada; it ranges from commercial casinos, racetracks, slot machines. Some illegal ones are private betting houses and non-governmental regulated betting houses, this is a challenge to the Canadian authorities. 

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What is Problem Gambling?

Another name for problem gambling is Ludomania, pathological gambling or gambling addiction. It can be defined as the irresistible urge to continue gambling regardless of the consequences that would later on occur. Beyond winning and losing, it’s a mental health issue, a high obsession. 

Without necessarily knowing, the problem gambler is able to self destruct thereby making him harmful to himself, family, and society at large. The individual might lose his life, money, family due to his inability to control his insatiable desire for the cards.

There are several reasons for individual’s desire to win back lost money or always wanting to stay on the tables. Also, stress can play a major role in the cause of a gambling problem. Risk factors according to researcher Nigel Turner range from big win; a focus on money, erroneous beliefs about gambling and if not recognized and dealt with, it can cause a disaster in the life of the pathological gambler. 

As with every other addiction, the addict would do everything within his means to hide the fact in order not to be detected, a compulsive gambler would gamble even when he is broke. This individual would also struggle with substance abuse, depression and bipolar disorder. 

Not only the gambler is affected by his habits, his family members and other surrounding relationships could be affected. Are you worried about a family, a friend or even yourself, do you see evident trait of problem gambling? It’s important that you seek help now.

Problem Gambling Triggers

There are several factors that could lead to gambling addiction. These triggers would vary from person to person. They include:

  • Loneliness or divorce
  • Loss of job or other work-related stress
  • Retirement
  • Depression

Facts about Problem Gambling In Canada

As a game, gambling can be fun but lead to compulsive behaviors if not put under check. According to the problem gambling institute in Canada, gambling can be a problem for about 3 percent of the adult population in the country. Hence, approximately 70% of Canadian adults have gambled. This number includes those who have not gambled at all because gambling problem doesn’t only affect the gambler but also friends and family. 

Therefore, an addicted gambler can affect up to ten persons or as wide as his influence reaches. These individuals might and might not be gamblers. Problem gambling knows no exception, it’s common to all age groups, young and old alike.

It’s believed that the amount of time spent at the gaming table is what causes problem gambling in individuals affected by it. But this is untrue as it has no relation because it’s the financial or emotional consequence that results in an addiction. For instance, gambling may create euphoria in the gambler that makes him keep repeating the process to keep the feel. Due to this, the gambler might take on bigger risks to keep up with this feeling.

Myths about Gambling

A major cause of abuse of any kind is ignorance. Abuse is said to be inevitable if the purpose is not known therefore we would debunk some rumors common to gambling. A major source of these myths is superstitions. Below are some common gambling myths.

Gambling isn’t addictive

It’s popularly believed that gambling isn’t as addictive as alcohol or drugs. This isn’t true because anything you commit your time can be addictive.

Your luck would change and you would start winning

This is the gambler’s fallacy. They used to believe that somehow, past results affect future results. The gambler’s fallacy is a misconception in the prediction of an outcome. According to researchers, there are two types of it. The first type depicts that a certain outcome is due after a long stretch of the opposite outcome. The second type on the other hand.

Online gambling is illegal

In Canada, online gambling is not prohibited. However, it requires service for it to be licensed by a provincial government for its legality. There are several online gambling sites such as the safe casino where you can gamble responsibly and legally.

Gambling and Responsibility

It’s a belief that only the less privileged engage in gambling activities. This cannot be any farther from the truth as even well-to-do members of the society are caught in the web of gambling problem. Addiction has no preferences neither does it latch itself to a particular sect.

What about identification of compulsive gamblers? It’s more difficult to identify a compulsive gambler as there are folds under which he/she can hide unlike drugs and alcohol.

Warning Signs of Problem Gambling

Are you or a beloved one finding it hard to stay away from gambling? It’s a cause for concern and there are telltale signs visible in a problem gambler if paid attention to. These signs would help the gambler and his family before they become harmful to themselves or others. Below are a few tips to help identify problem gambling:

  • Withdrawal from friends and family can signal some other disorders but a gambling problem can be a precursor for depression.
  • Stop enjoying other fun things and would rather gamble.
  • Mood swings.
  • If paying bills becomes impossible due to absent-mindedness or having spent the money at the gaming table.
  • When gambling takes priority above personal or family responsibilities.
  • If a person acts rather secretive than they were before.
  • Person is bored with other activities and would rather be found gambling.

How and where to find help

Admittance is the first step to overcoming a gambling issue. The gambler must acknowledge his/her weakness and must be ready to get help. Also, there are online platforms that exist to help with issues relating to gambling addiction. Listed below are some steps and centers of where you can get help online:

Self Assessment Test. The first step is to take the self-assessment test. The Problem Severity Index (PGSI) is a self-assessment tool reliable and standardized used in identifying the risk in problem gambling. It’s a tool based on research on the common signs and consequences of problematic gambling. Take the test now and find out your profile. 

Assessing where you are now can help you make informed decisions on what to do next. It’s a little like going on a diet and working out your starting weight. Are you ready to get the facts? Make sure you are sincerely honest with yourself.

Think back on the last 12 months…

  • Was there any time you staked way above what you could tolerate losing?
  • In the last 12 months, was there a time you staked huge sums to get you ecstatic the same you have once felt it?
  • Did you try to amass the same amount you lost when you earlier gambled?
  • At any point in time, have you borrowed or sold anything to gamble?
  • Have you felt you might have a problem with gambling?
  • Have you traced your stress or anxiety back to gambling before?
  • Whether true or not, has anyone spoken ill about your gambling before?
  • Was there a time you put your family in financial tough spots due to your gambling?
  • Does guilt prick you when you reflect on your gambling frequency?

Ifmost of your answers to the above questions are yes, then you need to get help as soon as possible. Please note that not only those who realize they have a gambling problem can take this test. It’s a test that should be taken by every gambler to assess the extent at which they are at.

Safe casino has the benefit of technology to help them keep problem gamblers in check as they have put in place structures to this effect. On the other hand, ground casinos are defaulting in their promise to keep problem gamblers in check. According to them, the gambler name and photo would be added to a problem list.

Also, there are apps designed for the gambler, to aid his ability to control his /her gambling. It’s effective for gamblers who are showing problems. For instance, instead of a face to face talk with a psychologist (this isn’t underrated), the advent of the mobile phone has made it easier for online solutions. Available to the online casino player (safecasino.ca).

This app keeps track of every gambling activity the player partakes in. It keeps them updated on recent and past gaming, date and time of urge and its trigger. It also documents the wins and losses. Check out www.ccsa.ca

Bet Filter and Gamblock are apps that can be installed by a gamblers to help them stay away from online gaming floors.

Famous for its support network is the gambler’s anonymous. You would meet with otherswhom you could relate and share accountability. Visit www.gambleranonymous.org

The better way to seek help is to inform your online casino (safecasino.ca) that is readily available and prompt in their response to your gambling problem. Even if it requires shutting down your account till you are strong to get back to responsible gambling if the need be.

Rules You Must Observe

  • Plan ahead
  • Don’t get caught up in the game
  • Get a schedule when to play and when you shouldn’t

Safe Casino

Safecasino.ca is your number one gaming, mobile-friendly online casino. With your smartphone and a membership token, accessibility is guaranteed. Gambling has been simplified, you can save yourself the cost and stress of a trip. You can gamble in your time, place and at your own pace. 

Beyond all of these, at the core of safecasino is your wellness and wholeness. It’s the reason why we’ve taken time to create structures to combat every excessive that could occur in gambling on our platform. Your mental, emotional sanity is safe with us.

In conclusion, not all gamblers have gambling problems but all gamblers can get it. Therefore both the gambler and his relatives must keep tabs on any and every gambling activity engaged in. Consistency without discipline leads to an obsession which is always destructive. As you go gaming, don’t let your emotions rule you, exhibit some level of self-control, let your head not your heart rule you.

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