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2020’s Brand New Online Casino Sites

If you ask what the most important innovation is, I’ll tell you it’s COMFORT. This is what the internet and its derivative products have brought into the game. Online Casinos is a brainchild of such an awesome development. How cool is it for you to wager bets right in your home. No middleman attached. No hassles involved. No worries of a probable casino heist. Just you and your calculative mind ready to hit a jackpot! 

And with just a few clicks and ticks (with a stroke of good luck of course), you can start getting those credit of cool Canadian dollars. What’s cooler about this, is that you get to catch all the fun that it has to offer.

Why the Fuss Over New Online Casinos?

Online gambling through virtual casinos appeared in 1996 and it wasn’t just a fad. But now it’s 2020 and that single launching back then had changed the outlook of the industry. These days, mobile apps are made to easily get online casino platforms. 

Different gambling companies host their webpages on the internet. They work on excellent user interface and overall operations, stack them up with fun games and player packages. They make registration, deposit and payment methods simple, all for the comfort of their users. All of this information you’ll see below…Let’s go!!

Here is a quick plan of this article for easy navigation:

  • Types of New Online Casinos operating in Canada 
  • The gaming software
  • Available Games and Packages on these new online Casinos
  • New player’s information (Bonuses, sign up information and other benefits) 
  • Transaction tools and channels (Deposits and payments)
  • Customer support 
  • Legal stance of New Online Casinos in Canada 
  • Commonly Asked Questions (All you need to know)

Top 5 New Canadian Online Casinos

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PlayAmo Casino
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FreeSpin Casino
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Syndicate Casino
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Exclusive Casino
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Types of New Online Casinos Operating In Canada 

There are two variations of this age’s newest Online Casinos: website based ones (typical desktop experience) and mobile applications. Casino websites are hosted on a particular domains and have unique web addresses. So they work in real time as bets, wagers and general activities on the website. It’s monitored by a team of managers, tech guys employed to give users the best experience on the platforms. 

Issues are attended to in real time. The major advantage of this type is a large grid view that users get to enjoy. The different sections of the websites can be seen at a go. The media plugins on the site are also very interesting. Watch this space to get updates on these websites..

The Mobile versions are responsive sites for smartphones’ browsers. The graphics, games, payment channels and everything that the main version has, are already sectioned into the structure. The mobile version has web pages partitioned the way that users can only view one page per time. The widespread use of smartphones was also a major motivation for gambling companies to develop mobile applications of their Casinos. 

The advantages of this type of Online Casinos is rooted in its simplicity of use. Even if you are not a regular gambler, a short or no tutorial on the use of these apps will have you placing bets in no time. These mobile apps are also available for download at little or no cost. More so, they are available for Android, iOS, and Windows enabled smartphones. 

Gaming software 

New online casinos make use of the service of game providers that have been in the industry for years to develop their own games. A bulk of these companies operate on international levels. Some new online Casinos contract the service of even more than one game providers. For example, companies like Microgaming have been providing this gaming service since they launched their first as far back as 1994. Other game providers in the industry include: Play’nGo, Evolution Gaming, QuickSpin, BetSoft Gaming, NetEnt, and the list goes on. So you can be very sure the game software you are playing on was developed by the very best in the game.

Available Games and Packages on These New Online Casinos

Online Casinos are mirror images of their land based parents. This means that the regular games you would play in a land based casinos are also available on their online versions. Some of these games include:

The Slots

Quite a popular game in most land based Casinos whether in Canada or some other legalized gambling climes. The online versions pretty much work in the same pattern. But in this case, you play on your deposited money (find more information on this below). You have to activate the reel and stop mechanism with a click. Once it stops and you have the right combinations of symbols or figures then it credits you.


It’s also a common game in most new Online Casinos. Roulette is a table mounted wheel that spins. Of course, you do know how this works. You place bet on a number, the croupier lock in your selection. The wheel is spun and if you’re lucky, the ball sits right on your wagered number. The online version works just this way. However, it works with the help of a Random number generator (Some Tech abracadabra) built into the website or phone application to generate figures, and consequently, the winning number.


To card lovers that can deal with stealth, you should look forward to playing this game Online. The fun is flexing your skill to compete with a computer program. I hope you know how to always keep the winner poker to the very end. This online poker game is so much fun your Canadian blood will love it! 


More card games are available for gamblers on these new online Casinos. The baccarat is also another card game where you place your bet on the player’s card or the banker’s card. You’ll have to stir your clairvoyance ability (that is if you have any) to cash out real big. It’s not that difficult, just enjoy the game.


It’s a head collision with the dealer. And in this case, a virtual dealer. The goal is to have game cards whose total sum is closer to twenty-one (21). That’s way easy, isn’t?


Remember those high school mini gamble? Or those out-of-public-sight die rolling with some of your homies where you roll a die or dice and gamble on the probable outcomes. It’s the same thing with Craps. All you are betting on are the result of a roll of die in as many trials as possible.

Live Casino

The live Casino is also a novel feature on new online Casinos. It’s an integrated or better still a copy cat of a typical land based casino atmosphere. You interact with a croupier, real time, at the other end through the live streaming feature to place a bet. You can as well monitor the progress of wagers on your selected game. 

So all these games are available and hosted on these new Online Casinos. Now let’s move to more interesting information you’ll love to read. I’m sure you want to know how to get into the game as soon as possible. Here are a few things you need to know about sign up bonuses and other promotions: 

  • Bonuses are operators’ corporate decisions: What this means is that the Operator decides how much they want to gift to their new signees. However, you may notice similarities in sign up bonuses across various new Online Casinos, it’s not a fixed thing, and perhaps they are just thinking alike.
  • Bonuses are tied to certain terms and conditions: You are quite familiar with the phrase ‘Terms and Conditions apply’, the same holds true for accessing bonuses on new online Casinos. This also is dependent on Operators’ decision but for most, it’s a certain percentage of the sign-up fees.
  • Claiming of Bonuses are time-bound: Laying claim to your gift bonus is not all year open. It has to be claimed in a period of time after signing up on an online Casino.

Sign up requirements: Signing up on an online casino is just as easy as filling out basic data forms. You’ll be required to provide your name, address, state (in this case, Canada province), preferred deposit method. You’ll also be required to create a specific user name, password, email address to verify account, etc. 

Other benefits that come with gambling on these new online Casinos, are the exclusive deals you get for your loyalty to their platform. You could even play for free on some of these new casinos. This means no deposit is required before you play your first game, and you can get your winnings on an absolutely free game. 

Most of these new online casinos have amazing online communities of gamblers. This provides an avenue for networking and meeting like minds. They even hold events where members of the online community come together for a hangout and other social events. What could be more rewarding? A reward in kind and cash!

We trust you are gradually getting a hang of this information. Shall we move on to how to put in your money where your interest is? 

Transaction tools and channels 

The evolution of the internet has also brought comfort and awesome possibilities into how financial transactions are conducted. The presence and usage of financial technologies, virtual currencies are more popular these days. The most common transaction media and tools: 

Bank transfer: This refers to a direct lodgment of money into a local bank account. And in this case, an account provided by the Casino platform. Bank transfers are safe, and receipts of such transactions come in handy to attest to your attainment of full membership.

Card payments: The most popular ones are the VISA, MasterCard and others from local issuing banks. They are widely accepted as transactional cards globally. Credit cards are also a fast means of deposit. They are very effective as well. 

Virtual currencies: Virtual currencies are the new ways of holding assets however in cryptocurrency. Quite a number of these exist. From Bitcoin to Ethereum, all you need is an online e-wallet to convert your paper cash to a digital dough. So you can make deposits in Bitcoin, and as well make your winning withdrawals in the same.

E-wallets and FinTechs: Electronic wallets are virtual accounts to save your money and use for day-day transactions. Financial technologies also offer the same wallet services. A very good example is the Paypal. If you have an account on Paypal, then you can transfer and receive money from anywhere in the world. 

Skrill and Neteller are also great financial service platform. You can send or receive money once you have an account with them. All of these are accepted on these new online casino platforms. 

Customer Support

This is by far an important responsibility that these new online casinos owe their users. Issues are bound to occur. Some users aren’t very patient to read through long terms and conditions (I’m speaking your mind, right?). They have questions on how to claim their bonus, make their first withdrawal and so on. So how do we get to resolve the problems we encounter gambling on an online casino? Very easy! 

These new online Casinos run around-the-clock customer service scheme. Whether you choose the live chat options, call and speak to a customer care personnel, or fill out complaints form, you’ll certainly be able to air your inconveniences in the use of their services. You can as well reach them through their accounts on social media. And in some cases, they have their agents and proxies on social hubs for gamblers. Feel free to reach out to them on these mediums. Post your questions and get answers.

Legal Stance of New Online Casinos in Canada 

Inasmuch as they are money making and money giving avenues, their legal status should be ascertained. To ensure one is not aiding and abetting cyber crimes. Different provinces in Canada though self governed, align to a standard rule of law that licenses land based casinos and gambling activities generally in the country. Even the government own and manage Casinos in Canada. 

As a standard rule, any form of gambling is illegal within Canada if it’s not licensed or managed by the government (either on a federal or provincial level). However, there are web based sites that still run online Casinos though not licensed. This is the reason why one should not be too forward to place a bet or sign up on any platforms without having ensured their legality. In conclusion, provincial gaming boards grant licenses to online casinos that identify with them.


It’s no news that Online Casinos have come to stay. The best thing is to adjust to its new facets. Truthfully, it’s easier. Cashouts are more lucid and fast. Online Casinos is simply the best way to go. Whether it’s through websites or more conserved mobile applications. Online Casinos have changed the face of staking games and betting in this era. More revenues now stream from those sites

Though illegal online casinos are littered around the web, safer ones have truly proven its worth. Provinces where the physical structure of the online casinos are located have grown tremendously over the past few weeks. Revenues, peoples and commodities now flock into this provinces. Online casinos have made interacting and sharing ideas with other gamblers easier. Friends can now share their stakes. Provide information to other gamblers. Really, the best way to know the credibility of some online casinos is through the recommendations from other players. This is why most online casinos take customer’s service seriously. Some of these online casinos are built in way that even a novice to gambling can gamble with ease. Most importantly, from the comfort of their homes. So, online casinos, guided by the laws set up by provinces, are now safer and enjoyable. Who wouldn’t bet on that?

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