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Canadian Gambling Laws

Laws extort and maim sometimes, but mostly they create order. This holds true about the rather flexible laws that define the Canadian gambling space. Canada sits significantly amongst gambling climes. The four provinces, down to their various territories. Gambling soars. Sitting as the grand hub for various gambling acts with Toronto and Ontario. 

But, things weren’t this swift and orderly in the gambling space in Canada. In fact, certain gambling kinds didn’t see the light of day till the 1950s. But, how did Canada become this gaming giant, living off bets and lotteries? How did they master the magic of the fingers and numbers? The magic of luck and chance.

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Before The Gambling Laws, What Was?

Canadian gambling could be traced back to the ancients who, as stories go, played the bones and sticks games called “Slahal”. It was said to have a spiritual attachment and held a strange mythical significance for the people. It was played with two opposing sides and accompanying music. You can see where the present-day loser and winner in most gambling houses come from. To date, it’s still played and celebrated. Just that now, it’s known by the name, bone game. And also, reserved for festivals.

Then, sometime in June 1497, a voyager, John Cabot, landed on the shores of Canada. And brought with him cards for play. He and his crew would sit, tossing and slamming these cards. And seemed to derive a certain joy from it. Gradually, this habit of betting and leaving a chance to decide one’s fate sipped into communities. This was the earlier gambling days where it was merely fun without necessarily placing one’s life on luck’s scale or gamble towards clanging coins. 

From the advancement of cards, poker and blackjack emanated. But as the games grew, gambling thrived, Swindlers swam in. Cheating and stealing from their ignorant customers. Then, came a pressing responsibility to subject this grumbling menace to curb their bulgy noses.

Regulations of Canada’s Gambling Laws

In 1892, the Canadian criminal law code was enacted. This law was made to keep gambling in check to regulate their growing activities and tolerate gambling under strict conditions. It paved the way for the legalization of gambling, with rules that were beneficial to the governing state and as well the owners of these gambling houses. 

It turned the face of gambling into a more smiley one. These laws didn’t last for very long. An amendment in 1910 spewed, allowing gambling houses to donate a cut of their winnings to charity. But still, in 1970, changes were made in the law, giving rise to massive creation of wealth through gambling.  But this fame didn’t necessarily mean that the laws won’t be reviewed.

The First commercial Casino opened in Winnipeg in 1989. From that singular act, many cities became world-class centers for gambling activities. Games like race tracks, lotteries, betting, raffles, bingo, gained prominence. The government swooped in. Harnessing the powers of a gamble to bring in the much-needed revenue. Provinces now gave a certain power to control and regulate their gambling centers creating saver casinos.

Canada can be said to have a very organized system of regularizing its gambling houses through the eyes of The Atlantic Lottery Corporation jointly owned by the four Atlantic Provinces. This body oversees the happenings in their casinos. Those governing territories, though autonomous, still adhere strictly to the laws of the ALC. This has brought about the smooth running of Casino houses in those provinces. Safer Casino houses.

The Latest in Canada’s Gambling Laws

A few years back, the government sort to review gambling laws to make it more affordable, accessible and revenue-generating. Their plan was to create a sustainable online casino. With, of course, a physical structure too. A safer space for individuals to go do their business of betting without problems. The government’s aim, by this change, hoped to modernize the gambling system. Arming itself with modern-day technologies. Rebranding to make gambling easier. 

You may ask why the government of Canada pays attention to a thing as gambling, Giving Casinos reserved sites in communities to grow. Well, it has been observed that Gambling generates large revenues yearly for the government without the strings of taxes strumming. 

Now, casinos have moved from the table to phones. With a click, your game is booked and played. Online casinos sprawl across the internet with safer features. Safe Casinos now run smoothly. But then, accompanying this rebranding, are strict laws. 

  • Proper casino license. This involves both the casinos themselves as well as the users, to ensure legitimacy at both ends
  • Updated personal data upload. Though the Canadian government allows gambling to thrive, it was important to checkmate who should gamble. Uploading personal data helped them ascertain those who should and shouldn’t be allowed to gamble.
  • Tax laws cover those providing services and offers that may be unregulated but related such as lotteries and games. While those who have been regulated by the various provincial gambling regulatory bodies are not entirely subjected to those tax laws.
  • Prize awarding competitions are compulsory to be reviewed and examined by the right regulatory bodies in the province. This is to ensure the game doesn’t make up unethical lotteries of any kind.
  • Consumer Protection. All persons or organizations providing relevant products in Canada must comply with each provincial consumer protection laws. Whether regulated or not.

Gambling laws differ from province to province. It’s often said that wherever you are in Canada determines what type of gambling is legal. And as well, the laws that bind those territories.


The modernization of gambling cuts across all provinces and territories. Making gambling more attractive and desirable. Safe Casinos thrived. More people flock into these casino houses. Ticket lotteries sold out. Horse racing flourished. Slots and checks roamed the air. It’s important to know that the government of Canada frowns at gamble swindlers, who seek to abuse the legalization of gambling in Canada. 

Though gambling is legal now, some tricksters still platter about. Hoping to loot. The modernization of Gambling laws has erased, to a large extent, this menace. Now, Gambling is safer. Gambling laws are adhered to. Canada’s Gambling laws are kept.

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